Dancers at a queer country social


GFP's Spring Stomp
Come to Ptown for our annual hoedown April 22-24. Now with online ticketing!

Gays for Patsy (GFP) is a nonprofit that’s dedicated to promote LGBTS (queer) country western dancing in a supportive environment for more than 25 years!.

Come on out!
We pride ourselves in creating welcoming venues that allow folks to dance, learn, and socialize. We mainly dance (and teach) two-step, line dances, east and west coast swing, and waltz, but we’ve been known to teach nightclub, cha-cha, and more. Mostly peer taught with a few professionals thrown in to keep us learnin’.

This ain’t yer grandma’s music.
At all GFP dances our DJs play contemporary country, pop, and R&B that keep our dancer’s on our toes and on the dance floor.

Can’t Dance?
Don’t you fret none, we’ll learn ya? We got some kind of lesson at each dance or just ask someone, we can try to teach ya on the fly. We’re easy that way.

Don’t got a partner?
Hell, we’ll provide you with one fer 3- ta 4-minute intervals (hell, that’s longer than some of my relationships).

We have three ongoing dance venues:

  • Dirty Water Saloon.
    A weekly Tuesday night dance at the Bella Luna Restaurant in Jamaica Plain (Boston) from 7-10 pm $10 cover (lessons included).
    Great dancing and ya can eat and drink too! What more can you ask? This dance tends to be our “pushing the envelope” venue. You’ll find us ’xperimentin’ with music and line dances to see what works and doesn’t. It’s a small dance floor but we love it.
  • Queer Country Social Dance.
    A monthly Saturday dance from September-June at the First UU Church of JP in Jamaica Plain (Boston) from 6:30-11 pm. $12 cover ($8 for GFP members) includes lessons.
    A non-alcoholic venue that has an amazing dance floor. This venue tends to be a bit more country in flavor (we still mix it up though). If you can last through the night, join a bunch of us at JP Licks after.
    Next Queer Country Social dance is Saturday, May 21.
  • 24th Annual Spring Stomp: a Hoedown in P-town.
    THIS WEEKEND! April 22-24. Sage Inn & Lounge and Town Hall, Provincetown, MA. Price varies (pay as you go or buy a weekend pass and save)
    Two dances, Six workshops, Three lessons, and a boat load of socializing with folks from all over New England (I even hear tell there be folks coming from Montreal, Philly, and DC). Learn two step, cha-cha, west coast swing and several line dances. More details than you can imagine (including the latest schedule) on our Spring Stomp page.

We also participate in regional hoedowns and participate in the International Association of Gay and Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs (IAGLCWDC) Annual Hoedown in Columbus, Ohio! June 30-July 3, an extended hoedown with many dances, workshops, competitions, and more.

The Renegaydes are coming!

We also have an award winning ametuer performance dance team, the “Fabulous” ReneGAYdes. A bunch of people who learn a routine for the annual hoedown, Stomp, dances, and charity events. Our emphasis is on fun. Come see us!

Our Calendar

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