Gays for Pasty folk dance along the Boston Gay Pride Parade route in 2014


Come to Stomp!
Come to Stomp! April 22-23

Can you believe we’ve been around for more than 25 years?

Below is a listing of the calendar for dances through September. At all our dances we play contemporary country, r&b, and pop music that you can two-step, line dancing, west (and east) coast swing, waltz, and more to. We are LGBTS (queer) and encourage new and old dancers alike.

Queer Country Social Dance
Lambda Ranch (or as I affectionately call it, “Queer Country Social Dance”) offers a friendly, smoke-free, alcohol-free, LGBTS atmosphere. Beginners are always welcomed and encouraged — come early for a dance lesson, no partner required! This is a great dance floor.

Dirty Water Saloon
Like Queer Country Social, this is the place to get your dancing going. Small dance floor that has a great restaurant/bar.

Spring Stomp: A Hoedown in Ptown
Spring Stomp! is our annual spring hoedown in Provincetown, MA. Two dances, six workshops, and a lot of smiles.

Finally, there are many LGBTS dance opportunities around Boston, we’ve a few listed under more dancing.

Our Calendar

Here’s down and dirty list for the rest of the season (below is the google calendar that you can synch with your iCalendar or google calendar):

Look: we got our calendar online in google (calendar id: purfect fer adding to that there wicked smaht device of yers.