GFP Contestents all winners at Boston Open Dancsport and entertaining crowds at the Mr. Boston Bear contest

GFP ribbon winners at Boston Dancesport

Jen and Meredith compete at Boston Open Dancesport
Jennifer and Meredith won multiple 1st-place ribbons

Still recovering from a frenzied couple days, I just wanted to let you all know the results from yesterdays first Boston Open Dancesport: Same-Sex Ballroom Dance Competition: GFPers Rocked!

Ribbon on boots from Boston Open Danceport
ReneGAYdes’ 2nd-Place Ribbon

Jen, Nina, Alia, and the ReneGAYdes all came out as winners on Saturday with Jen, Nina and Alia taking home first-place ribbons (Jennifer took home several for her categories dancing with Meredith from NY). The ReneGAYdes took home second place — not bad for their first competition in decades. I’ll be posting more videos and pics as they come available. It was a wild event, so wonderful to see the pageantry and talent.

Nina and Alia compete at the 2013 Boston Open Dancesport
Nina and Alia won a 1st-place ribbon

What was great about the competition was multiple levels from beginners to advanced. Watching the moves and show(wo)manship was phenomenal (more than one of us were choked up to think this was happening in our town). Everyone was all smiles in spite of nervousness and a bit of “do we belong here” moments. By the end, we felt a part of something special.

Congratulations to all competitors and a big thank you goes out to all who came to cheers us on.

Lee Fox taught a great move to us Friday night (outside turn into sweetheart, turn into bowtie position, switch sides in promenade, flip back, then a quick turn and a twist back into dance position). Ask Bob to teach it to you next time you see him. Fun stuff. Great folks.

The next Boston Open Dancesport is set for October 14, 2014 — gives us a little over a year to get our moves on: Not to mention there’s the Gay Games in August that have competitions, and the annual International Association of Gay/Lesbian Country Western Dance Clubs (Igglywiggly) in May.

Mr Boston Bear contest performance

Later last night (after a day of competing), Bucky, Jim, Ian, and I (Bob) helped entertain between acts of the Mr. Boston Bear Contest where we did Um Bob to Erasure’s Big Bad and Ugly, Ian and I did a modified version of our ReneGAYdes performance, and we all did Outlaw for the packed crowds at the Alley Bar.


Synch your calendar! I added a new calendar function to the site that will allow you to either import the dance dates into your iPhone/Android or synch them to Gmail calendar. See our calendar page for more details. Let me know if you like the new format.

  • Dirty Water Saloon. Two stepping, line dancing, west coast swing for the lgbts community over at Bella Luna Restaurant in JP every Tuesday from 7-10 pm.
  • GFP Halloween Dance. October 18. Come dressed in Costume, or, as Wednesday Adams did, come dressed as psychopaths “cause they look like everyone else”. Make sure you can dance in your costume though. Lessons 6:30-8 pm • dance: 8-11 pm. I’ll post more when we get closer.