Dirty Water Saloon Dance

What: Dirty Water Saloon is a weekly LGBTQA+S (Queer) friendly dance
Where: Bella Luna Restaurant and Milky Way Lounge at the Brewery Complex, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain, MA.
When: Every Tuesday (except in December) from 7:00-10:00 pm
Lessons: 7:00-8:15 pm
7:00-7:45 pm: partner dance lessons
7:45-8:15 pm: line dance lesson
Social dancing: 8:15-10 pm
(see below for dates through July 2020)
How much? Your suggested sliding-scale donation of $1-$10 (pay what you can) covers both dancin’ and learnin’.
Music Each of our DJs pull from various sources playing music that will get you dancing. Our mainstays are contemporary country, pop, and r&b but each DJ has their flavors and can pull from indie country, newgrass, americana, etc. See our DWS playlist page for a sample of some of the songs we play.

No experience? Don’t fret none, we’ll learn ya.
No partner? We’ll find ya about a dozen.

Line dancin’ at Dirty Water Saloon
Line dancin’ at Dirty Water Saloon
  • 7:00-8:15 pm: Lessons
    • 7:00-7:45 pm: Partner dance (i.e., two step, west coast swing).
    • 7:45-8:15 pm: line dance (ranging from funky to country)
  • 8:15-10:00 pm: Social (or open) Dancing
    Our DJ plays selections ranging from contemporary country, r&b, and pop music to two step, west coast swing, line dance, east coast swing, waltz, and more.

Music:  is contemporary country, r&b, and pop music to two step, west and east coast swing, line dance, waltz, and more.

Private Lessons: When we hire professional teachers (usually the 3rd and 4th week of the month), we offer two 45 minute private lessons for $65 each before the regular dance lessons start. Sign up at the check in counter (I’m hoping to have online booking/payment options soon). Payment in advance and no refunds for missed or cancelled lessons — so if you book it and can’t make it find someone to replace you.

Our upcoming dances (through July 2020)

Occasionally Bella Luna needs the dance floor for a special event. We’ll post it on our calendar and this page if there is a dance that is cancelled.

  • On hold until we the COVID 19 recommendations allow us to meet again. See our Virtual Dances on Tuesdays and Saturdays to get some line dance, instruction, and socializing in during these unusual times.