Did you know …

  • If you ask us to dance we’ll say yes… that is, if we don’t ask you first!
  • Free two-step and line dance lessons are offered at the beginning of every dance. So if you’ve never danced with a partner before or are new to the two-step, don’t let that stop you from coming out.
  • Our DJ’s also spin for west coast swing, east coast swing, cowboy cha-cha, waltz and nightclub two step dances.
  • Gays for Patsy dances are for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community writ large… which is to say, friends, family and allies are all welcome, too.
  • We are an all-volunteer club that has donated more than $40,000 over the past twenty years to local non-profits. So when you kick in your 10 bucks, know that it is going to good causes.