Great Opening dance! Same-sex Ballroom Competition, and next GFP dance in October

What a spectacular opening night with well over 50 people: some new, some old, some returning. The ReneGAYdes performed their routine they will be doing when they compete in the Boston Open Dancesport (see Upcoming below). After the dance, a bunch of folks moseyed on down to JP Licks for an ice cream under the stars.

Thanks to all who came, Art and Peter for teaching (step sheet and demo videos of Cry Cry Cry and The Outlaw can be found at the bottom of this post), Bucky for DJing, and for all the volunteers who helped set up, break down, and work the ticket booth. Smiles, laughter, and sweat abound.

Synch your calendar! I added a new calendar function to the site that will allow you to either import the dance dates into your iPhone/Android or synch them to Gmail calendar. See our calendar page for more details. Let me know if you like the new format.


  • Dirty Water Saloon. Two stepping, line dancing, west coast swing for the lgbts community over at Bella Luna Restaurant in JP.
  • Boston Open Dancesport Same-Sex Ballroom Dance Competition. Friday, September 20th A night of dancing with country line dance instruction from 7-8 pm and the dance remaining being a mixture of all types of dances. Saturday, single and group competitions in the afternoon and early evening followed by a evening of social dancing. Jen will be competing with Meredith from NY (both will be awesome to watch) and the ReneGAYdes will be competing in the group competition. Come support, dance, and have fun.
  • GFP Halloween Dance. October 18. Come dressed in Costume, or, as Wednesday Adams did, come dressed as psychopaths “cause they look like everyone else”. Make sure you can dance in your costume though. Lessons 7-8pm • dance: 8-11 pm. I’ll post more when we get closer.

Cry Cry Cry line dance step sheet and demo videos

  • 32 Count, 4 wall, Beginner/Intermediate
  • Choreographed by Francian Sittrop
  • Music: Cry To Me by Precious Wilson & Eruption from their Greatest Hits album
  • Step sheet
  • Demo Video 1 An unusual way to start the video (with her but to the camera) but in a crowd, it’s what you’ll see. I love her expression not sure her outfit does her justice though.
  • Demo Video 2 A sassy, well-done video variant with a bit of styling on the walk forwards.

The Outlaw

  • 32 count, 4 wall, Beginner
  • Choreographed by Suzanne Wilson (who also did the very similar Country as Can Be)
  • Music: Whiskey Drinkin’ S.O.B. by Mikel Knight from the album Whiskey Drinkin’ S.O.B.
  • Step sheet
  • Video 1 The closest video I can find to what Peter taught but not the best quality. You’ll get the idea though.
  • Video 2 Just for entertainment — mostly cause I am both fascinated and horrified by the guy in plaid shirt — very enthusiastic (some of his moves were great but a bit scary to watch as he almost plows into the other dancers).
  • Video 3 Another for entertainment value: A young guy teaching for fun but  — oh, my, my, my — what a talker. I fast forward through the first part of the talking to where he and a friend show off their styling. Fun to watch, but definitely just for the short styling bit. His rambling instruction is hard to sit through. If you want to really see something fascinating watch the In Cahoots competition in San Diego he mentioned being in. It was wild to see how far the “young un’s” go and are egged on by the announcer — I only watched a little bit I started to feel a bit uncomfortable after a while.