October 19: Spooky Halloween dance with Manhattan Prairie Dogs Performing

halloween cowboy bootsLadies and Gentlemen, start your sewing machines… or hit Hot Topic. We’ve got ourselves a fun night planned for the next dance.

Halloween Dance at a glance

  • Lessons: 6:30-8 pm
    6:30-7 pm: Beginning two-step taught by Beth and Bob
    7-7:30 pm: Beyond the Basics two-step lesson: cuddle pivot by Julie
    7:30-8 pm: Line dance: Midnight Waltz taught by Julie
  • DJ: Ruth
  • Open dance: 8-11 pm
  • Performance: Manhattan Prairie Dogs at approximately 9 pm

Extra two-step lesson!

First of all, there’s not one, but two two-step lessons (no, that’s not a tutu lesson). We’re trying out adding another half-hour lesson at the beginning of the night. Let us know what you think. We shifted the beginning lesson to 6:30 and we’re having a beyond beginning lesson at 7. If you all like it we’ll get more moves in that second lesson for future dances.


Optional. While I’ll be coming in costume (say, “Hi” to the Día de Muertos cowboy), you don’t have to (but I’d love company). The most important thing is to come, socialize, and have fun.

Beginning lesson at 6:30 pm. Beth will be teaching the beginning lesson with Bob assisting. Walking through the basic form and frame.

Beyond the Basics lesson at 7 pm. Our veteran teacher, Julie, will teach the cuddle pivot and, if time permits, hammerlock and alternating turns. This lesson is mostly geared to people comfortable with the basics. Brand new dancers may want to watch.

Line dance lesson: Midnight Waltz at 7:30 pm. Midnight waltz is an intermediate 48 count, four wall dance. See the Midnight Waltz Step sheet for steps (and videos). Did you know: combined with Dizzy and Hideaway Cha you can compete in the 2014 IAGLCWDC Hoedown’s intermediate line dance competition during Memorial Day in Denver, CO. We will be teaching all three this year.

Social dance runs from 8-11 pm. And some of us head out for ice cream after at JP Licks.

Manhattan Prairie Dogs

Manhattan Prairie Dogs
Manhattan Prairie Dogs to perform at October 19

I can’t tell you how exciting I am that NYC’s Big Apple Ranch’s own performance team, Manhattan Prairie Dogs, are coming for visit to perform and dance with us. This group is always a show stopper at the annual “Iggle Wiggle” conventions, and just seeing them perform is worth the night. But come on out and dance with these folks. They’re a hoot!

Twisted Tuesday Dance in December!

Tuesday, December 3! The folks over at Dirty Water Saloon will be on hiatus during the holidays so that Bella Luna can rent out the space for special functions. To help tide us all over and work off some of the holiday calories, GFP decided to have a Tuesday night dance in December. The church was only available on the third, so that’s when it is. Why twisted? Cause it reads so well with Tuesday (that and we’ve not had a GFP dance in the middle of the week in eons).


Synch your calendar! I added a iCal calendar that allow you to sync or add the calendar to your smart phone or Google calendar. See our Calendar for more details.

  • Americana Mondays at PA Lounge in Union Square. Mondays 8-11pm. Greg is back leading a merry band in Americana music (think bluegrass, country, even polka and a great bunch of folks. Straight venue but very friendly.)
  • Dirty Water Saloon. Two stepping, line dancing, west coast swing for the LGBTS community over at Bella Luna Restaurant in JP every Tuesday from 7-10 pm.
  • GFP Halloween Dance. October 19. Come dressed in Costume, or, as Wednesday Adams did, come dressed as a psychopath “cause they look like everyone else.” Special performance from Big Apple Ranch’s Manhattan Prairie Dogs. Lessons 6:30-8 pm • dance: 8-11 pm.
  • November 16 GFP Dance. Mark your calendar! This will be a pot luck. Also I’ll be starting collecting for the Toys for Tots. Julie collects money every year and goes out and buys toys for the holiday season. We’ll still collect at the December dances.
  • December 3. Twisted Tuesday Dance. An extra dance to work off holiday calories.

Hope to see you there
— Bob da Prez