Dirty Water Saloon
Snowed Out February 12

Okay, it’s not a HUGE snowfall but it will be during rush hour so we’ve cancelled tonight’s (February 12) Dirty Water Saloon will return next week with Bucky DJing and some sort of lessons 🙂

Queer Country Social
Featuring West Coast Swing Lesson at 7

This Saturday, February 16, another storm is due in but forecast to be rain. Hopefully we’ll get lucky with this one and not miss having Ballroom in Boston back again at our Queer Country Social to teach us west coast moves (they did a great workshop on whip variations in November).

Spring Stomp is Approaching

And in case you need proof that Winter is almost over, Spring Stomp is fast approaching April 26-28, 2019

Tentative Schedule

  • a Friday night dance
  • Saturday workshops (slightly adjusted to have West Coast Swing be longer or maybe two sections),
  • Sunday Tea dance.
  • I may include a stretching class before workshops on Saturday and Sunday.

The venues:

  • Town Hall for Friday/Saturday dances and workshops
  • The Pilgrim House for Saturday workshops and Sunday Tea Dance.


I’ll be contacting and firming up instructors this week (Conrad is confirmed and just need to make sure Art, Alan, and Simone are still available).

That’s it for now,
Stay Safe, Drink Cocoa, Enjoy the last days of winter (really, it does have to end).

See you on the dance floor,

Bob Sweeney
“da prez”
Gays for Patsy