Spring Stomp! A Hoedown in P-town

Gays for Patsy's Spring Stomp
Welcome to Spring Stomp! A Hoedown in P-town.
April 28–30, 2017
Our 25th Year!

It’s our annual LGBTQA+ (queer) spring hoedown in Provincetown, Massachusetts featuring dances, workshops, and a whole bunch of socializing.

Overview | Registration/Cost | Saturday Workshops | Line Dances Taught| Instructors and DJs | Two-Step with a Purpose | Getting HereAccommodations | Volunteering


Line Dancing at GFP's Spring Stomp! A Hoedown in P-town
Line Dancing at GFP’s Spring Stomp! A Hoedown in P-town

Come for the weekend and dance your ass off! We’re a laid back group that loves to dance. This dance started 25 years ago as a modest fundraiser for the club and local charities. Gays for Patsy’s mission is to promote country western dancing to the Greater Boston LGBTQA+S (queer) community — we love to dance and want to share that joy with you.

Our goal for the weekend is to offer a safe, fun environment to learn, dance, and be all social-like. No matter your two left feet, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or (sigh) political views, you’re safe here.

Country Western dancing with a twist. Our dances feature music drawn from contemporary country, r&b, pop, and other sources that you can two step, west and east coast swing, cha cha, waltz, line dance, and more too.

Weekend Schedule

The Weekend Schedule
Here’s the final schedule

For our 25th anniversary, we have expanded our offerings. You can attend a la carte (pick and choose) or get a weekend pass for all the dances and workshops and save mullah (private lessons not include in the weekend pass).

Friday Night Opening Dance (8 pm-12 am) at Sage Inn and Lounge. New: Sage will be adding a bar menu of  flatbread and sliders for sale until 10 pm! Menus/prices posted at the dance.)

• Two-Track Saturday Dance Workshops (10 am-4 pm) at Town Hall and Sage Inn and Lounge

Saturday Afternoon Practice Dance Break (1-3 pm) at Town Hall. A chance to practice what you’ve learned in the morning workshops.

Saturday 25th Annual Benefit Dance (7-11 pm) at Town Hall. beginner lessons in two step and line dance from 7-8 pm and then our DJ Bucky will play music that you can two step, west coast, east coast, line dance, cha cha, and more to until 12 midnight. We’ll also have a performance by our own amateur dance performance group, the ReneGAYdes.

Sunday “Sweet Tea” Dance (10 am–2 pm) at Sage Inn and LoungeHave a last dance before you head out.

We also have Half-Hour Private Lessons in and around the Saturday workshops and Sunday morning for $50 each lesson. Sign up at the check-in table for available slots.

Our Venues

Sage Inn and Lounge

Sage Inn and Lounge
Sage Inn and Lounge

336 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA 02657
(508) 487-6424 • info@sageinnptown.com • sageinnptown.com
Look for the Purple Feather (purple building). The entrance is to the right down the brickway with the construction on the side. Go past the reception area and you’ll see the dance space just beyond the bar.

Provincetown Town Hall

Provincetown Town Hall
Provincetown Town Hall

260 Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657
This is an amazing space. It has wood floors and an old time feel. You’ll love it. The dance floor is on the second floor, go up the steps into the foyer and then go up one more flight to the dance floor. If your knees can’t take stairs, there’s a handicapped elevator in the back of the building.

Weekend Breakdown

Friday, April 28 2017
Opening Dance

Photo from Stomp 2015 Saturday Benefit Dance
Photo from Stomp 2015 Saturday Benefit Dance

8:00 pm–12:00 Midnight
Sage Inn and Lounge
$20 at the door (or included in the Weekend Pass)

Lessons (included with cover):
8:00-8:30 pm
Basic Beginner Two Step Lesson with Bob Sweeney

8:30-9:00 pm
Line Dance Lesson: Something in the Water with Bob Sweeney

9:00 pm-12:00 midnight
Social Dancing
DJ Ruth Ewing will play contemporary country, pop, and R&B to two-step, west and east coast swing, line dance, and more. No experience or partner necessary.

Saturday, April 29, 2017:

Saturday Dance Workshops

10 am–1 pm and 3–5 pm
Sage Inn and Lounge and Town Hall
$25 at door (or included in the Weekend Pass)

Photo from Stomp 2015 West Coast Swing workshop with Alan Gaskill
Photo from Stomp 2015 West Coast Swing workshop with Alan Gaskell

Choose the individual workshop level you feel comfortable with. Beginner + lessons are for those with little or bit of experience and want a brush up on the basics. Intermediate lessons are for those who’ve been around the block and want to challenge themselves. The Advanced line dances are the most challenging ones.

Our Workshop offerings:

  • Two Step Partner Dance Workshop
    10:00-10:55 am
    Choose between
    Beginner+ two step with Simone Assboeck (Town Hall) or
    Intermediate with Alan Gaskell (Sage Inn and Lounge).
  • Line Dance Workshop: The Queen or Bittersweet Memories
    11:00-11:55 am
    Choose between:
    The Queen (Intermediate) with Beth Aufiero at Town Hall or
    Bittersweet Memories (Advanced) with Art Sullivan at Sage Inn and Lounge
  • Partner Dance Workshop: Nightclub or The Hustle
    12:00 noon–12:55 pm
    Choose between:
    Beginner+ Nightclub Two Step with Alan Gaskell at Town Hall
    Beginner+ The Hustle with Simone Assboeck at Sage Inn and Lounge.
  • Line Dance Workshop: Counting Stars or Wow Hawaii
    3:00–3:55 pm
    Choose between
    Counting Stars (Intermediate) with Kendra Bucklin at Town Hall
    Wow Hawaii (Advanced) with Art Sullivan at Sage Inn and Lounge.
  • West Coast Swing Partner Dance Workshop
    4:00–4:55 pm
    Choose between
    Beginner + West Coast Swing with Alan Gaskell at Town Hall
    Intermediate West Coast Swing with Simone Assboeck at Sage Inn and Lounge.
The ReneGAYdes strike a pose during a performance at the Gays for Patsy queer country social dance, June 7, 2013.
The ReneGAYdes strike a pose during a performance at the Gays for Patsy queer country social dance, June 7, 2013.

“Dance Break” Practice Dance

1:00–3:00 pm
Town Hall: 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA
$15 (or included in the Weekend Pass)

DJ Bob Sweeney will play music to practice the two-step, nightclub, hustle, and line dances taught in the morning.

25th Annual Benefit Dance at Town Hall

Photo from Stomp 2015 Saturday Benefit Dance with Art Sullivan a teaching Basic Two Step lesson.
Photo from Stomp 2015 Saturday Benefit Dance with Art Sullivan a teaching Basic Two Step lesson.

7:00-12 midnight: Town Hall: 260 Commercial Street, Provincetown, MA
$25 (or part of the Weekend Pass)
7:00-7:30 pm: Basic Two Step lesson with Art Sullivan
7:30-8:00 pm: Line Dance lesson: TBD with Art Sullivan
Social Dancing
8:00-12:00 pm with DJ Bucky Chappell
Bucky Chappell plays selections of contemporary country, pop, and R&B for you to two-step, west (and east) coast swing, line dances galore, waltz, cha-cha, and more! The ReneGAYdes (Gays for Patsy’s performance dance group) are performing too! But the most fun will be had by you on the dance floor.

Sunday, April 30:
 “Sweet Tea” Dance

10:00 am–2:00 pm. Social dancing with DJ Bob Sweeney 
Sage Inn and Lounge
$20 at door (or part of the Weekend Pass)
Something new for the 25th: A tea dance to run through more of what we learned, say good-bye before you head out.
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Private Lessons

This year we are introducing limited number of half-hour private lessons with Simone or Alan Gaskell. These can be one-on-one or with your partner.  These will be $50 each half hour. Both Simone and Alan are professional instructors with varied partner dance experience (two step, west coast, east coast, cha cha, night club, etc.) and you can work on technique or a certain dance type.

Sign up at the Friday night dance.
Private Lessons times:
Sat 9-10 am, 1-3 pm, 4-6 pm. Also Simone may have some time Sunday 9-10 am before the dance.


Photo from Stomp 2015 Saturday Benefit Dance
Photo from Stomp 2015 Saturday Benefit Dance

Your best deal is the Weekend Pass — $100 you will have access all the dances and workshops (private lessons not included). This saves you $125 off individual online/onsite entry.

Look at this here handy chart:

Stomp Event Cover
Friday Opening Dance $20
Saturday Workshops (Each $25
All 5 $125
Saturday Dance Break $15
Saturday Evening Benefit Dance $25
Sunday Sweet Tea Dance $20
Total before pass $205
Weekend Pass  $100
Save $105

vs. a la carte
Private Lessons $50 for half-hour lesson

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Line Dances taught

Where Linedance
8:30-9:00 pm
Sage Inn & Lounge
Something in the Water Instructor: Bob Sweeney
Choreographed by Niels Poulsen
Music: “Something In the Water” by Brooke Fraser
11:00-11:55 am
Town Hall
The Queen Instructor: Beth Aufiero
Intermediate Stepsheet • Demo
Choreographed by Rémi KLemaire, Guillaume Richard, and Gaetan Bachellerie
Music: “Tilted” by Christine and The Queens
11:00-10:55 am
Sage Inn & Lounge
Bittersweet MemoryInstructor: Art Sullivan
Advanced Stepsheet (pdf)Demo
Choreographed by Ria Vos
Music: “Clouds” by David Nail
3:00-3:55 pm
Town Hall
Counting Stars Instructor: Kendra Bucklin
IntermediateCopperknob Stepsheet* •
IAGLCWDC Stepsheet* (pdf)Demo
Choreographed by Michael Metzger
*Note: When I last checked there is a section missing from the IAGLCWDC step sheet, see the copper knob version to see the discrepancy).
Music: “Counting Stars” by One Republic
3:00-3:55 pm
Sage Inn & Lounge
Wow Hawaii (akas: The Other Side) Instructor: Art Sullivan
advanced StepsheetDemo
Choreographed by Will Craig, Jo & John Kinser, Rachael McEnaney, Niels Poulsen, Kate Sala, & Roy Verdonk
Music: “The Other Side” Jason Derulo
7:30-8:00 pm
Town Hall
Lover Lover Instructor: Art Sullivan
Beginner Stepsheet (pdf)Demo
Choreographed by Rosa Turi
Music: “Lover Lover” by Jerrod Niemann

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Instructors and DJs


Ruth Ewing
Ruth Ewing

• Ruth Ewing has been a DJ for Spring Stomp, Queer Country Socials, and Dirty Water Saloon. Her music draws from a variety of sources and her choices always delight. She recently moved out to western Massachusetts and is excited about playing for you. Ask her, or her wife Jen, to dance — they’re a-maz-ing.

Bucky Chappell

• Bucky Chappell is our veteran DJ who has a great ear for danceable music and styles. He pulls music from Americana, contemporary country, folk, pop, R&B, and more and strives to have dancers have the most fun out on the floor. He has an insatiable lust for music and is always open to new danceable tunes.

Bob Sweeney
Bob Sweeney

• Bob Sweeney “da prez” or “Silent G” (ask him about that). Has been DJing for the past two years at our Queer Country Socials and Dirty Water Saloon. He enjoys playing fun music that pulls from contemporary country, r&b, indie, and pop music (and a bit of Euro pop as well).


Simone Assboeck
Simone Assboeck

• Simone Assboeck is an experienced professional dancer, actress, and singer who began ballroom dancing as a child and has since turned her love for dance into a career with a wide repertoire of traditional dances (International & American Standard and Latin dances) and other dances (West Coast Swing, Hustle, Country Line Dancing, Salsa, Modern, Freestyle, Argentine Tango, Hip Hop).

Alan Gaskell
Alan Gaskell

• Alan Gaskell helped pioneer country dancing in the Boston area. Alan won the NYC GayGames country dance competition in 1994; won several national Div 1 United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) dance competitions, and currently continues to compete with students in the UCWDC. Alan teaches at our Dirty Water Saloon dances, Longfellow Club, and other locations in the local Boston area. He is known for his elegant styling and smooth technique.

Art Sullivan
Art Sullivan

• Art Sullivan is also a veteran of the country western dance scene here in the Boston area and at the founding of the organization. He is an amazing teacher who works with aging populations and people with disabilities. As a result he’s one of the most affable and knowledgeable teachers. “He is a delight.”

• Beth Aufiero is both a joy on and off the dance floor. In addition to being an amazing dancer – winning many awards including IAGLCWDC and OutSport – for partner and line dancing. She teaches at our Queer Country Socials and Dirty Water Saloon dances. She also organizes, choreographs, and dances in our Renegaydes performance dance troupe.  AND she’s also our treasurer and helps keep our club running.

• Kendra Bucklin (affectionately known as “Spinderella”) has a passion for line dancing. She is our main line dance instructor at our Dirty Water Saloon dance on Tuesdays in Jamaica Plain and has also won first place ribbons and awards for her line dancing at IAGLCWDC events. She came to one dance a few years back and embraced it whole heartedly. Ask her to dance, she’s a hoot!

Bob Sweeney “da prez” is the president of Gays for Patsy and tends to fill in where needed. He also won ribbons at the OutDanceSports competitions and will be teaching the line dance and beginner two step lessons on Friday night.

Two-Step with a Purpose

Gays for Patsy is a Boston-based, nonprofit, all-volunteer organization of Country/Western dance enthusiasts dedicated to sharing the joys of dancing while raising funds for groups serving those in need.

Stomp is our “big” fundraiser of the year. By “big” up to recently, it was really “modest” where proceeds from workshop and dance admissions as well as the 50/50 raffle tickets go to balancing our bare-bones budget and anything left over goes to charity — usually a local LGBTS-focused charity. Charities we’ve been able to help: Massachusetts Coalition for the Homeless, Boston AIDs Walk, soup kitchens, etc.

This year our “big” got a boost!
We usually are self-funded. That is, we pay for the rental of the spaces, our dances, hire the instructors all from selling tickets. Sometimes we come out ahead, sometimes not so much. This year I happened to hear about the idea of sponsorships when I was conversing with Michelle Lohr over at Cape Air when she interviewed me for an article in their inflight magazine. She mentioned that Cape Air sponsors charities. I applied and low and behold, they sponsored our event! While it will help cover the costs of the space rental, it helps make our event from going “red” to “black.” This combined with advice from Provincetown Information Center and the Provincetown Business Guild, we hope to be able to grow “modest” fundraiser back to “BIG” so we can give more back to our community!
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Getting Here

Traffic? What traffic? Get to Provincetown fast with fast and frequent flights on Cape Air.
Traffic? What traffic? Get to Provincetown fast with fast and frequent flights on Cape Air.”

The ferries from Boston to P-town do not start operating until May 18 (Memorial Day), so here’s how you can get here:

  • Driving. It is about 2-2.5 hour drive from Boston along rte 3 and 6. I have “figure out how to add a ride share” on the my list for next year. You can try to post to our GFP Stomp Facebook page or
  • Bus. This will take longer (and there’s no way to guarantee you have a seat until you get to the terminal) — it’s about 5 hours or so from Boston
  • Fly. Cape Air has flights right into Provincetown. Then it’s a short taxi ride to town.

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Below is a list of places we’ve traditionally stayed at — Mention Stomp! when you’re making the reservation and get a discounted rate!.

For last minute availability check Provincetown Business Guild’s Last Minute Accommodations.

  • Sage Inn and Lounge (Our Host)
    Sage Inn and Lounge is a 3-story Inn features 19 comfortable, beach chic guest rooms all with private bath and accessible via an elevator or stairs. Flat screen TV with expanded cable, new climate control (A/C & heat), complimentary Wi-Fi, in-room Keurig machines, light continental breakfast, full-service lounge, relaxing patio & garden area, electric car charging stations (2 tesla, 1 universal). Call the Inn directly for reservations: 508.487.6424sageinnptown.com
  • Chicago House
    (based on 2015): $60/night single; $80/two people — mention “Stomp” when emailing/calling.
    Under new management since 2016. This centrally located guest house is on a quiet side street near town hall. Steps from Commercial Street’s shops, restaurants, and clubs, Chicago House is a cozy 3/4 Cape converted to a guest house nearly fifty years ago. Reservations: (508) 487-9353. chicagohouseptown.com chicagohouseptown@gmail.com
  • The Gifford House
    Mention “Spring Stomp” guest rooms 10% Off. The Gifford House Inn is one of the original historic hotels in P-Town offering guesthouse accommodations, restaurant, cocktail lounge, bar and a piano bar. The Gifford House offers charming spacious rooms, many with water views and/or rooms that can sleep up to 4 people. Offering a 10% discount when you mention Stomp!  giffordhouse.com
  • Prince Albert Guest House
    The Prince Albert Guest House offers 18 guest rooms with private baths; many rooms offer oversized bay windows, water views, private patios/decks, flat panel HDTV, Complimentary Wi-Fi, and a courtesy work station. Continental Breakfast (includes Belgian Waffles with fresh fruit, LavAzza Coffee, Yogurt, and Granola). PrinceAlbertGuestHouse.com
  • The Rose & Crown Guesthouse
    The Rose & Crown is a classic Georgian “square rigger” built in the 1780s. The guesthouse sits behind an ornate iron fence containing a lavish garden. Jane Elizabeth, a ship’s figurehead, greets visitors from her post above the door. Each guest room has its own special feature. The inn offers a breakfast of freshly baked breads and the Rose & Crown’s special coffee. provincetown.com/rosecrown
  • Watership Inn
  • When it was originally built in the seafaring days of the 1820s, the Watership was a home from the seas for Provincetown’s ship captains. Now let it be your home during your visit to Provincetown. Wi-Fi, continental breakfast, 1 car parking per room. Offering a 10% discount when you mention Stomp! watershipinn.com

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It takes a lot to put on even a modest event like ours (checking in/ticket taking, selling raffle tickets, helping Town Hall set up, making sure the organizer doesn’t perish from lack of food . . . it only takes 15 minutes of your time and helps prevent burn out from the organizers. It’s also a great way to meet folks take a break from dancing, and generally painless. So get in touch with me, sign up at the desk, etc.
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