Waitin’ and Seein’

COVID has lasted longer than any of us predicted. I’m holding off registering for Spring Stomp or any live dance until we see where this goes. If we have some glimmer of hope, I’ll put up registration for 2021 in January.

Please join me as I host GFP Virtual Dances on Tuesdays from 7-9 (ish) to keep my sanity, learn, and socialize.

Here are some typical ways to get to P-town

  • Ferry. Unfortunately ferry service from Boston to Provincetown does not start until mid May (sigh).
  • Driving. It is about 2-2.5 hour drive from Boston along Rte 3 and 6. I have “figure out how to add a ride-share” on the my list. Until then, you can post to GFP Stomp Facebook page looking for a ride.
  • Bus. This will take longer (and there’s no way to guarantee you have a seat until you get to the terminal) — it’s about 4-5 hours or so from Boston – it make stops in most towns along the cape.
  • Fly. Cape Air has flights right into Provincetown Airport. Then it’s a short taxi ride to town. Check for available flights.