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Simone Assboeck
Simone Assboeck

Simone Assboeck is an experienced professional dancer, actress, and singer who began ballroom dancing as a child and has since turned her love for dance into a career with a wide repertoire of traditional dances (International & American Standard and Latin dances) and other dances (West Coast Swing, Hustle, Country Line Dancing, Salsa, Modern, Freestyle, Argentine Tango, Hip Hop).

Simone is teaching west coast swing, two step, and hustle moves on Saturday and is available for private lessons on Saturday and early Sunday morning.

Bob’s Two Cents: Simone is a delight to have as both a teacher and a dance partner, her enthusiasm is contagious. You’ll enjoy her lessons. I remember having her teach at Stomp a number of years ago and her love of dance and joy of discovery are inspiring.

Jen Collins is currently teaching line dance at the Q Valley dances in Northampton. She has also taught at our Queer Country Socials, an IAGLCWDC conference, and has run Stomp for a number of years with Ruth. She attends many varied dance conferences and loves to dance; please ask her for a spin on the floor!

Bob’s Two Cents: Jen is one of the most elegant dancers I know. I’ve seen her win many awards at IAGLCWDC – she even helped me win first place waltzing in one of the “Just Dance” competitions. She is always encouraging and has the ability to laugh at her mistakes (not often). Her experience in competing and instruction is evident in her teaching style. Oh, if you knit, chat Jen up, she’s always looking for knitting buddies.

Conrad Farnham
Conrad Farnham

Conrad Farnham (Saturday beginner line dance workshops) has choreographed over 50 dances which are featured on the world line dancing network, Copperknob. Conrad teaches line dancing to all ages ranging from 5 to 95 at venues across New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts as well as venues that request line dancing instruction during his time as the Band/Tour Manager for one of the top country bands in New England, The Shana Stack Band. Conrad and his Copperhead Line Dancers won the 1st Annual Halloween Line Dance Video Contest 2017 presented by Skyler Spencer Entertainment, Nashville, TN. Conrad will also be a guest instructor on the Sunset Line Dance Cruise on July 18 out of Boston Harbor. Conrad is available for corporate, private and group events, and school function lessons.

Conrad returns to his second year with us and is teaching up to six of his beginner line dances in two hours during the Saturday Workshops. He has an infectious style that we were blown away with his ability to teach these dances so fast.

Bob’s Two Cents: Conrad asked to teach at the 2018 Stomp, I was skeptical that he could teach three of his beginner lessons in an hour, but he did so with ease and made it fun. One of his dances, Sing, is now a staple at our dances. He has a great style of teaching and high energy that carries over to all present. We’re glad he’s back for the second year.

Alan Gaskell
Alan Gaskell

Alan Gaskell helped pioneer country dancing in the Boston area. Alan won the NYC GayGames country dance competition in 1994; won several national Div 1 United Country Western Dance Council (UCWDC) dance competitions, and currently continues to compete with students in the UCWDC. Alan teaches at our Dirty Water Saloon dances, Longfellow Club, and other locations in the local Boston area. He is known for his elegant styling and smooth technique.

Alan will teach you two-step, west coast swing, and cha-cha moves. He is also available Saturday for private lessons.

Bob’s Two Cents: Alan is a wonderful teacher who is technically savvy and elegant in his moves and delivery. You’ll leave his lessons with elegant new moves that he breaks down so you know the mechanics behind the moves. He has choreograph some of our Renegaydes numbers and we always are improved by his direction. Hell, he even taught me how to do chaines turns – and that’s no small feat (cause I have big-assed feet).

Photo of Art Sullivan
Art Sullivan

Art Sullivan is a veteran of the country western dance scene here in the Boston area and one the founding members of Gays for Patsy almost 30 years ago. A regular instructor at our Queer Country Social dances, his passion is working with aging population and people with Parkinson’s Disease (he was recently part of a Parkinson’s documentary.

Art is teaching the basic two-step and line dance lessons before Friday and Saturday night’s dance as well as the intermediate line dance workshops on Saturday afternoon.

Bob’s Two Cents: Art has taught for us almost since our inception. When I first started going to the dances with two left feet, I was struck by his empathic dance style. Over the years, his work with Parkinson’s patients and the aging is inspiring. We helped him at one event and the joy the people had was evident with both the people he worked with and the family members. He’s a gem and we are very lucky to have him. 


DJ Bucky Chappell

Bucky Chappell is our main DJ for GFP. He not has DJ’d at all our dances, IAGLCWDC conferences, private gigs, and more. He has varied tastes that mostly come from Americana roots. His music is always danceable. Official bio to come.

Bob’s Two Cents: Bucky was the president when I first started with GFP “a few” years ago (ahem). He the first person I remember saying hello and he made me feel very welcome. As an introvert, it was very welcome as I was scared to death and felt I had two left feet. He encouraged me and slowly I got better. I have nothing but respect for him and his musical choices. He really listens to every song he plays and constructs his lists with exacting care. He looks for messaging, gender balance, and fun. His concern that everyone is having fun and is dancing is evident in his choices and scrupulous constant re-evaluation of his playlists. I strive to emulate his welcoming and playful nature. 

Ruth Ewing
Ruth Ewing

Ruth Ewing currently DJs at the Q Valley dances in Northampton DJs and our Stomp and Queer Country Social dances, and IAGLCWDC conferences. She, along with Bucky, were the staple DJs at our Dirty Water Saloon until she moved to western Massachusetts. She has a laid back style that belay the thought and effort that goes into her sets. She draws from a variety of sources and her choices always delight. Along with Jen, she ran Stomp for many years and has a love for the weekend and all the dancers. Ruth is spinning (a hard drive spins, right?) music at the Saturday night dance.

Bob’s Two Cents: Ruth was president of the club and DJing when I returned in earnest back a “few years” ago. Her musical taste was varied and inspired both Bucky and I to take more chances with the songs (of course some say I take the most). Ruth has an unflappable, no-nonsense, can-do attitude in both her DJing and her dancing. I love dancing west coast and two-step with her. She’s a great leader on and off the dance floor. 

Bob Sweeney "da prez" Gays for Patsy
Bob Sweeney “da prez” Gays for Patsy

Bob Sweeney “da prez” or “Silent G” (ask him about that). Has been DJing for the since 2014 at our venues (Stomp, Dirty Water Saloon, Queer Country Social). He also has done some private gigs for friends and charities. He enjoys finding fun music that pulls from contemporary country, r&b, indie country and rock, pop music and a bit of Euro pop/swing as well.
(Also ask Bob to dance – mostly because it’s me and I’m hoping to dance my ass off as well as play music). I’m not amazing like Jen and Ruth though.

Bob will be DJing Sunday “Sweet Tea” dances.

Bob’s Two Cents: What do you say about yourself? “I get irritated by my procrastination?” Music, dancing, and friends. I guess that’s what I’m doing this for. Taking on the role of president was a scary, impulsive choice that stemmed from the joy I felt from this style of dancing. It was challenging in so many ways – I could talk your ear off about it. This introvert become a public figure. Four (five?) years later I’m doing social media, DJing, MCing, teaching, and competing. What the hell? Who is this person? My love for the dance and the people involved got me to take a chance. I strive to continue the Gays for Patsy’s mission on being an open, nurturing place for people (no matter race, gender, sexual orientation) to take risks and blossom (in a nut shell: Dance, Learn, Socialize). I hope that you all feel the same after attending the weekend or one of our dances. Take chances, make mistakes, you’re allowed to here.