2020 Stomp details posted soon.

Update 2/1/2020

Venues are set and I am contacting instructors and DJs to re-confirm their availability this week.

I posted a tentative schedule that I will flesh out as I get confirmation. For now the DJ, Instructor, and Line Dance offerings are from 2019. I’ll be updating those by 2/9/2020.

Thanks for your patience.

I’m expecting this to be one of our biggest I’ve seen in the past decade, so don’t miss out!

We don’t make money at this event. Everyone running it is a volunteer and we usually are too frazzled to court sponsors. Sooo.. that said, would you like to help us out before or during the hoedown?

15 minutes of your time can make a huge difference.

We need people to help with manning the check-in tables, selling raffle tickets, and setting up/breaking down. The classes and workshops happening during each volunteer slot are listed to inform your decision.

Once I consult with my volunteer expert extraordinaire (Janice) we’ll post shifts to sign up for via a Sign-Up page. to see what you would be willing to do.

Reach out to us to ask about discounts and details on volunteering.

Thank you