Two November Dances!

Next Dance November 7 AND 21

Happy Halloween! I’ll join the many who will remind you to turn your clocks back Halloween night.

In this post: Volunteering, TWO November dances, Renegades start new routine, and other dancing opportunities.

Volunteer! Yes, you!

Can you volunteer 15 or 30 minutes during a dance? Help prevent burn out and do your part to make the dance fun. Learn to be a dance manager and help open/close the dance or take a 15 minute door shifts at the check-in. Or post a flyer somewhere. Every little bit helps. Here’s the responsibilities:

  • Opening/Closing (Dance Manager)
    involves showing up at the church around 6 pm; bring sodas and other dance materials up from the church basement; set up the check-in, snack, and pamphlet tables, chairs, and drinks (includes a run to the corner store for ice), sweep floor, and man the check-in during the lessons (and occasionally help out with the beginner lesson if a leader or follower is needed). Usually you will have at least one other person helping (sometimes more).
  • Closing usually goes quickly as any number of impromptu volunteers help out. Break the tables, chairs, and returning things to the basement storage. Beth is coordinating opening and closing.
  • 15 minute door shifts (approximately 3-4 songs) pass quickly and provides an opportunity to meet folks and chat with fellow dancers.  You can sign up for 15 minute shifts at the check-in table.
  • Flyer posting. Post this November 7 Dance Flyer around JP and anyplace you can think of, it would be much appreciated.

We’ve got TWO dances in November:

Queer Country Social: November 7

pdf flyer for the Nov 2 dance1st Church of JP, 6 Elliot Street, Jamaica Plain
DJ: Bob “Silent G” • Teaching: Julie Kauffman
Cover: $8 member • $12 general (includes lesson)

Bring a friend to Beginning Two step at 6:30 pm (newbies get a next dance free card!). Julie will base the “Beyond the Basics” lesson at 7 pm on who is there, so come on in early to if you want to figure out a fancified move. At 7:30 pm Julie will teach “Just Getting Started” line dance (step sheetdemotutorial). Bob (that’s me) is DJing the 7th. Get your music/line dance requests in to me and I’ll work ’em it into my set (if I can).

Here’s the November 7 Dance Flyer and I have November 21st printed out to pick that I’ll have at the dance on the 7th.

Queer Country Social: November 21

1st Church of JP, 6 Elliot Street, Jamaica Plain
DJ: Ruth • Teaching: Beth
Cover: $8 member • $12 general (includes lesson)

Ruth returns Nov 21 to DJ!, Beth will be teaching Cha Cha, and the Renegaydes perform “Pa’Bailar Laisse Tombe La Fille” for us as well (see Renegaydes Start up below).

Renegaydes Start Rehearsing New Routine

Ongoing Sundays from 7-9 pm. $40 per month as well as any travel expenses.

Thought of dancing with the Renegaydes? Here’s your chance to start from the beginning of a new routine. The Renegaydes are an amateur country western dance performance group dancers who who perform at GFP’s Spring Stomp, GFP’s Pride dance, and the IAGLCWDC’ Annual Hoedown (this year in Columbus, OH over July 4th weekend). We recently added competing in the Boston DanceSport and just came back from performing in NYC’s Big Apple Ranch. This year’s routine combines two step, salsa, west coast, east coast (and more) to a Meghan Trainer melody. If time permits we will learn another routine but I’m sure this one will keep us busy. Last year we learned two (well, three routines if you think of Pa’Bailar Laisse Tombe La Fille as two separate entities) routines: Pa’Bailar Laisse Tombe La Fille (which Beth, Ron, Ian, and Bucky choreographed — the second half a tongue-in-cheek salute to Montreal who hosted the IAGLCWDC’s this year’s Howdown) and Convoy, a collaboration between Ian, Bucky, and the Big Apple Ranch’s Manhattan Prairie Dogs (we hope to have the Prairie Dogs in the spring and perform Convoy. We will perform Pa’Bailar Laisse Tombe La Fille on November 21. As a testimonial, my dancing skills has improved immensely by being in this group. Beth is coordinating and is your go-to person for the particulars.

Other danicing:

  • Dirty Water Saloon continues on Tuesdays from 7-10 pm at Bella Luna Restaurant in JP through November (with a month’s hiatus in December). Bernadette will be stepping down from the running of the night at the end of this year and a bunch of us will be taking it over. Look for a new format come January (we’re excited about it–should be a hoot). $10 cover. Contemporary country, pop, and r&b.
  • Americana Mondays is a live music night on Mondays from 8-11 pm hosted by Greg Klyma and his friends at PAs Lounge in Somerville. Blues, two step, waltz, and polka. No cover but tips and supporting the bar greatly encouraged.
  • Boston’s Gender Free Contra next dance is Nov 14 and 28. Called contra and a waltz or two to live music. November 14 is their annual Harvest Ball starting at 5 pm. It’s styled after a turn of the century dance and expect lavish costumes.

That’s it fer now.
Silent G* (akas Bob “da Prez” Sweeney)

* “Silent G” stems from my jokingly introducing myself as, ”Hi, my name is Bob… the G is silent.” and watching people trying to figure it out. On a slow day at work coworkers and I determined it should be spelled ”Baughb.” Bucky decided my DJ moniker as “Silent G”.