Why? To:

  • see others and socialize
  • exercise
  • learn
  • not go insane.

Tuesdays • 7-9 pm
Your place via Zoom: zoom.us/j/5780310200 (gfp-queers)

So… Bob (me) started doing these things in March when stuff seemed crazy. Then people got zoomitus. He took a break during the summer (and to grieve – he lost his mom in May). Now he’s back. Trying a few new things. Keeping it chill and low key. Throwing in a song or two to discuss. Royally fuc…, uh, making mistakes but generally keeping sane by doing what he can. Guest DJs and instructors could happen – or not. It’s all good.

Here’s a list of the line dances he’s using as a base – they are all on the beginner-ish side – “easy” to pick up:

  • American Kids
  • Basso Nova
  • Country as Can Be
  • Cowboy Charleston
  • Easy Sucker
  • I got a Woman
  • Imedla’s Way
  • Midnight Waltz
  • Mucara Walk
  • Sway, You make me want to
  • Sing
  • Seniorita La La La (more intermediate)
  • Texas Time AB
  • Waltz Across Texas
  • You and Me in the Country

and more.

We have a (very rough) Virtual Dance Support page that has line dance demos, lessons, and zoom tips.

Hope to see and virtually dance with you soon.

Bob “da prez” Sweeney
Gays for Patsy